Donor & Sponsors

The Fraser Valley FiT Network would like to thank all our donors and sponsors for their ongoing assistance.
FiT Programmes supporting families with children who have special needs would not be possible without their generous support and commitment to FiT.

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FiT Partner: Ongoing Support

British Columbia Children’s Hospital

Langley Child Development Centre

Langley Association for Community Living

Langley Schools


FiT Champion: $15,000+


FiT Enthusiast: $5,000+

Government of BC, BC Gaming Grant


FiT Friend: up to $5,000

Accomplished Learning Centre

Township of Langley

City of Langley

Kwanten Polytechnic University (Langley Campus) – sociology class

Fit Donation


Presently The FiT Network is not yet a Charitable Organization – that being said, we can not provide you with a tax receipt at this time.   Moving forward FiT would like to work towards this.  In the meantime FiT can accept donations and gifts of support that will go directly to support our families with  FiT Family Camp.   If you would like to donate towards this, please email your recognition will be acknowledged if you would like – otherwise we will list a total annual donations at our AGM meeting.