Jacob, The Conqueror


Blog Written by: Susan Paige (Mother)

Jacob is a very happy 8 year old, he was diagnosed with autism at 3.5.  He was completely non-verbal at 3 years old and frequent tantrums because he could not communicate with exception of a little bit of sign language.  Jacob said his first word 2 months after we put him in ABA Therapy and speech therapy.  Jacob is an only child so it was harder for him to learn social skills than other children with siblings.  When Jacob entered kindergarten he only had a handful of words, but being around typical children and having a few close friends, by January/2012 he started speaking short sentences, and the last year and a half has become quite the chatty little guy and quite involved in conversations.   He has had the same support worker with him at school since kindergarten and they have an amazing rapport with one another.    He can be quite bashful and shy with people he does not know or see often but he opens up to his parents and his support worker.Jacob

Jacob is a very active boy and we keep him busy with sports in the community either through adaptive lessons at the city of surrey or through Canucks Autism Network.  He has also been taking horseback riding lessons for the last 3 years at PRDA and rides a cute little horse called Lady Bug.  During jacob’s spare time he enjoys reading, playing video games and watching tv as well as bugging me for playdates with friends.

We enjoy being a part of the FIT Network and hearing the guest speakers each month or the coffee nights where we get to mingle with all the families.  Jacob enjoys the family events especially the FIT Picnic at the water park.